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SLS Select Education - Why Pay More?

At SLS Select Education we know how much pressure school budgets are under.

That is why we offer the most competitive pricing schedule across the most comprehensive range of products available to school laboratories.

Quite simply, we will never beaten on price with our price match guarantee.

Visit our page below to find out how you can spend less!

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June Star Buy - Adapt-a-rack

The Star Buy for June is the Adapt-a-rack Flexible Multi Tube Rack!

The multi tube rack where each slot adapts to accommodate 12 - 30mm (5 - 50mL) tube sizes.

Racks can be linked together for additional holding and available in solid or a combination of colours for easy coding identification.

This fantastic product is the perfect addition for any laboratory and classroom setting.

£8.86 PK2


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Queen's Platinum Jubilee - Giveaway!

In celebration of the Queens Jubilee, we are giving you and your team the chance to win a Fortnum & Masons hamper worth up to £100!!

To enter all you need to do is like, share and comment on our social media post with what makes you proud to live in United Kingdom!

Competition closes 4:30pm 1/6/2022

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New Catalogue Offers NOW LIVE!

Our brand new catalogue offers are available now!

Including FREE biscuits, Amazon vouchers and Lascells meters, view the full details and how to claim on the PDF below.


2022 Technicians Summer Conference and Workshops

The 2022 Technicians Summer Conference and Workshops will be happening on Friday, 1st July 2022 in Birmingham, and SLS Select Education are playing a big part this year! Will you be attending?  

We have organised workshops for the conference such as:

🧬 Bio-Rad workshop on one of their popular educational biology kits  

⚙️ Indosaw circus of popular physics experiments

🧪 DWK life sciences workshop on why safety starts with quality in the lab

🥼 Technician lead workshop on chemical storage and stock control systems.  

In 2019 over 200 delegates attended and 22 workshops were on offer for what was a great day! Sign up below.         

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Our Brand New Catalogue is Out Now!

Copies will be landing in schools this week, so keep your eyes peeled!

Featuring an exciting, colour-changing thermochromic front cover.

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May Star Buy - SLS Flowgen Teaching Electrophoresis Set with NANOPAC-300

The Star Buy for May is the SLS Flowgen Teaching Electrophoresis Set with NANOPAC-300.

Our Product Manager Kat says this product is "Perfect for teaching A Level electrophoresis"

The kit includes a full lab set up able to run a class set of agarose gels – the only additional piece of equipment you need is DNA samples, which are sold separately and for different lesson themes.

The kit is also excellent value for money because the large tank can be used to run multiple gels at one time.

It is both space saving and convenient for the technicians or teachers who may have to monitor the gels and stain/store them, ready to be viewed by students in their next lesson.

Buy Now - £618.80


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April Star Buy - SLS Select Autoclave Tape

Our Star Buy for April is the SLS Select Autoclave Tape!  

Our rep Julie highly recommends this product "Our autoclave tape gives a colour change to show that temperatures used for sterilization have been reached and that the indicator, usually lead carbonate, has decomposed to lead(II) oxide, this is a must for all laboratories"

Buy Now - From £3.35


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SLS Donates to the British Red Cross for Ukraine

We have recently donated £1000 to the British Red Cross, to support their Ukraine Crisis Appeal.  

The donation was a result of fundraising at our recent National Sales meeting which raised £380. The company matched this donation and then increased to £1000.  

A big thank you goes to all who contributed at the NSM and our thoughts go out to everyone affected in the war in Ukraine.

Webinar: Why Safety Starts with Quality when Selecting Glassware

A webinar with SLS Select Education and DWK Life Sciences, a global manufacturer of premium glassware and supplier of plasticware, brands we are all familiar with, Pyrex, Quickfit & Azlon .

Lab safety matters. This webinar is an informative discussion explaining our expertise, innovation & advice with a selection of safety tips and tricks.

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British Science Week Giveaway

Keep an eye on our social media profiles from 11-20th March as we celebrate British Science Week by giving away an SLS Lab Pro Unstirred Water Bath worth over £500 and made in Britain!

Simply find one of our British Science Week posts, like and share it and make sure you're following us and you will be entered into the prize draw.

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March Star Buy - Data Harvest Wireless Oxygen in Air Sensor

Our Star Buy for March is the Data Harvest Wireless Oxygen in Air Sensor!

Our sales rep Martin highly recommends this product. 

This can be used to measure how the amount of O2 varies in the classroom and the variation of the rate of production in photosynthesis and respiration of small organisms such as microbes and maggots.

Buy Now - £249.00

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TECHOGNITION 2022 - Win A Hamper!

We're celebrating #TECHOGNITION 2022 on Friday 4th March by giving away some excellent prizes to hard-working Technicians!

Head over to our social media profiles on Facebook or Twitter, and nominate a colleague (or yourself if you're a lone tech), telling us why they deserve to win a Technician's Tea Break Hamper.

Two lucky winners will win a hamper each, and five runners up will each win an SLS Select Education Preproom Plaque!

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SLS Lab Basic Pipettes Included in Bioskills at Home Kits

In August 2020, our SLS Lab Basic single channel pipettes were used by Nottingham Trent University in their "Bioskills at home" kit.

With limitations on access to laboratory time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the kit was developed to create opportunities for first year undergraduate students to develop these skills using online support resources to guide their activities and build communities of learning.


International Day of Women and Girls in Science

We're celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2022.

Nominate a female working in science that you think deserves to be recognised and tell us why, and they could win a luxury hamper!

Head over to our TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn and make your nomination.

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We Are Celebrating LGBT+ History Month

This February we are celebrating LGBT+ History Month with several initiatives, including providing our staff with diversity and inclusion training, and donating to a range of LGBT+ causes.

Find out more below.

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February Star Buy - Gratnells Large SortED Antimicrobial Insert

Our Star Buy for February is the Gratnells Large SortED Antimicrobia Insert!

Our rep Lynn says "This product is great for handing out for class practicals and collecting back in, it also has antimicrobial properties which work with the Gratnell storage trays."   

This product is dishwasher safe and treated with BioCote® antimicrobial treatment.

Buy now - £1.69 EACH

View the range here.

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January Star Buy - BRIGHT Atom™

Our Star Buy for January is the BRIGHT Atom™

This is a perfect hands on, self-contained, kit for modelling the atom. All the protons, neutrons and electrons are conveniently stored within the electron shells!

Furthermore, the BRIGHT Atom can be used to model the atomic structure of elements, helping to learn the structure of the nucleus and electron arrangements. 

It can be used to form the basic understanding of the arranging of the periodic table, periodicity, valency and the reactivity of the group.

Our rep Donna highly recommends this product "perfect class room essential to grasp the basics of chemistry."

Buy Now £27.47

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Our Latest Edition of FOCUSed is OUT NOW!

Welcome to our newest edition of FOCUSed - our dedicated special offers brochure packed full of essential products suitable for any school budget!

REMEMBER: These offers are EXCLUSIVE to SLS Select Education and are valid until 30th April 2022.

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