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January Star Buy - BRIGHT Atom™

Our Star Buy for January is the BRIGHT Atom™

This is a perfect hands on, self-contained, kit for modelling the atom. All the protons, neutrons and electrons are conveniently stored within the electron shells!

Furthermore, the BRIGHT Atom can be used to model the atomic structure of elements, helping to learn the structure of the nucleus and electron arrangements. 

It can be used to form the basic understanding of the arranging of the periodic table, periodicity, valency and the reactivity of the group.

Our rep Donna highly recommends this product "perfect class room essential to grasp the basics of chemistry."

Buy Now £27.47

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Our Latest Edition of FOCUSed is OUT NOW!

Welcome to our newest edition of FOCUSed - our dedicated special offers brochure packed full of essential products suitable for any school budget!

REMEMBER: These offers are EXCLUSIVE to SLS Select Education and are valid until 30th April 2022.

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