Warrington UTC

SLS Education provided us with a fantastic service when we opened up UTC Warrington, all the Science equipment we ordered was delivered timely, the staff even went as far as helping us carry boxes up the stairs when the lifts malfunctioned. The service they provided during our first term was great, they happily replaced any damaged items and returned/ changed any pieces of equipment our team desired. I would recommend SLS Education to any school looking to purchase a bulk or scientific supplies. Even 6 months on their team are still checking in to make sure we are satisfied.

Mark O’Donoghue, Director of Science and Engineering, UTC Warrington

Neil Williams, Science Technician, UTC Warrington

Runshaw College

"SLS have supplied Runshaw College, Chorley with lab equipment following a successful bid in a tender for the provision of science equipment. SLS arranged to meet with members of our procurement and science teams before delivery of the goods.  As the Biology Technician involved with the tender, I found it beneficial to have face to face contact with the representatives from SLS.  It helped us to iron out any early requests for amendments, answer queries on both sides and gave me a chance to get to know the people who would be providing the equipment.  During the supply process we had one contact point for customer service at SLS.  This was beneficial for us as queries were dealt with quickly and efficiently through one contact rather than numerous staff. 

Goods were supplied over several deliveries as requested, since the quantity of equipment was significant.  For the main deliveries a representative from SLS (Allison Caldwell) supported us in the unpacking of pallets, checking delivery notes and arranging for replacement items for the small number of packing errors.  This was a very helpful arrangement and significantly contributed to the smooth running of the whole process.

The main deliveries were completed in April 2016.  Following on from this the after sales support from SLS has meant that any few remaining queries and snagging items are dealt with promptly.  E-mail responses have always been within a day."

Karen Colton (Science Department) - Runshaw College, Lancashire

South Devon UTC

"The team at SLS have been nothing but helpful right from the very start. In the complex task of equipping a new school for a science specialism they have offered advice and instructed our staff as to how to use unfamiliar pieces of equipment. Further to this they helped unpack all our items, returned to the school to help us set the equipment up and offered further advice as to tweaking what we need. We could not have been happier with the great service we have received from Gary and his team. Many thanks.”

Ian Crews (Principal) - South Devon UTC

Lincoln UTC

“One of the main challenges of equipping our science facilities was choosing from the wide range of equipment available. SLS supported us throughout this process, from giving us access to their warehouse to try out apparatus, to analysing our curriculum and equipment lists and suggesting changes – often helping us to reduce our costs. SLS – very much the personal touch. Highly recommended.”

Andrew Wright (Vice Principal) - Lincoln UTC

Moreton Hall

"We have high expectations for the future of women in science at Moreton Hall," explains Principal, Jonathan Forster. "But part of that vision is to also open our doors to inspired young scientists from the local community. We already do a lot of work on a regular basis with students from nearby St Martins school and have had science workshops with many of the local state schools. This new Medical Science Faculty allows us to offer experience and skill development which takes learning well beyond A Level standard."

"After the school took delivery of equipment from supplier and partner in the project, Scientific Laboratory Services (SLS) the school's coordinator of the project, Dr David Kelly said, "this equipment will allow us to kit out our Medical Science Faculty to a higher specification than some start-up research groups in a number of teaching universities. It really is an extraordinary opportunity for Moreton Hall and the state schools in our local area. It is very unusual for a school to be able to offer teaching which requires equipment of this sophistication. We are delighted to be working with SLS in this long term partnership which will help to better educate many school children, both at Moreton and in the local community."

Moreton students also set up a Medical Science Society which now has a number of eminent scientists on its steering committee.   



The College Merthyr Tydfil

We have worked very closely with SLS Select Education to fully equip five new science laboratories within our new £33 million college building.  There were three reasons that I chose to work with SLS Select Education. 

The first was the quality of the equipment that they were able to supply.  Many of our items are of industrial/university standard.  My personal highlights are our Sartorius balances, binocular microscopes, pipette fillers, Van de Graff generator, gel electrophoresis equipment, quick-fit glassware and volumetric flasks.  They are all of the highest quality and we are already seeing improved practical performance from learners due to increased precision. 

The second was the customer service.  I cannot imagine how the sales and support staff could be any better.  Their attention to detail is superb.  Every item that we specified was found and often “upgraded” to a better model.  Emails are answered very quickly, often immediately.  Problems are solved professionally and effectively.  There is also always someone available at the end of the phone, who can offer advice and guidance. 

The final reason is the value for money that we have been provided with.  SLS have gone through every single item of equipment and every chemical that we requested and given us the best price on almost all of these lines (we had quotes from 5 companies in total).  In many cases, we have been provided with a much higher specification at a much lower price.  It is quite astonishing really.   

The team at SLS Select Education have spent a huge amount of time ensuring that we have been supplied with the best possible equipment for our laboratories.  I cannot thank them enough for this.  

Mark Richards,

(Head of Division for Science and Mathematics),

The College, Merthyr Tydfil

Middleton Technology School

"Middleton Technology School have developed a close working relationship with SLS Select Education during our BSF project. We find their skills and expertise very helpful and invaluable in reconfiguring our newly opened Science Department in its brand new building. We see this as part of our commitment to transform STEM subjects in secondary education to provide well qualified students for the future and are delighted that SLS are enthusiastically part of this."

David Roberts (Deputy Headmaster) - Middleton Technology School