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SLS Select Education 12 Questions of Christmas Competition

Answer the quiz questions below:

Question 1What energy is converted into heat when you burn a Christmas candle?
Question 2Sulforaphane is a compound and has the formula C6H11NOS2. Which item commonly found in a traditional Christmas dinner contains sulforaphane?
Question 3Which inherited clotting disorder is also called Christmas disease?
Question 4At what temperature are Celsius and Fahrenheit equal?
Question 5Why do you need hot water to make hot chocolate?
Question 6A sleigh travels at a constant speed of 40 miles per hour. How far does the sleigh travel in 45 minutes?
Question 7What is the only letter not to appear on the periodic table?
Question 8Santa Claus travels all around the world in one night, encountering various environments. Which of the following is most important for him to have a strong immune system?
Question 9During the holiday season, people often consume more sugary treats. Which hormone beginning with I helps to regulate blood sugar levels?
Question 10During a snowball fight, the body's response to cold temperatures includes the constriction of blood vessels. What is this response called?
Question 11When someone receives a gift, it often triggers a release of a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward. What is this neurotransmitter called?
Question 12Eggnog is a traditional Christmas drink. What type of biomolecule is a key component of the creamy texture of eggnog?

Complete the quiz before 5pm on Friday 15th December to enter.
All correct entries will be entered into the prize draw.

We will contact the winners of the hampers the following week.

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